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Presort Services

“Presorting” is a system of barcoding, sorting and traying your mail by zip code before it goes to the post office. This process saves the post office time and money, which they reward with a lower postage rate. To break it all down, we put together this video staring our Piggycorn, Frank.   


Getting your mail organized for USPS
Most of us have heard of “Bulk Mail,” now known as “Marketing Mail.” Anyone who has done this type of mailing knows that it must be presorted to receive lower rates. However, were you aware that Nevada Presort can also presort your already addressed mail and/or non-identical daily first-class metered mail for further discounts?

Nevada Presort is the only facility in northern Nevada with an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system – other than the post office — which means we can barcode your first-class metered mail, allowing you to meter letters up to 3.0-ounce at the same low rate of .576 per piece. This can translate into savings of hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the size of your annual mailings.





The benefits of metered mail without getting a meter.
Eliminate the hassle of maintaining a postage meter and sorting, sealing and metering your mail – without giving up the savings. We can pick up your outgoing mail daily, process it at the lowest possible rate, and deliver it to the post office for you.

Mail pick up

You can bring us your mail, or we can come get it.
Nevada Presort has multiple drivers who pick up mail daily in Reno, Sparks and Carson City. We’re happy to schedule daily, weekly or monthly pick-ups.

Courier service

When you need it, but you don’t want to get it yourself.
Nevada Presort can transfer documents between offices for you. We can even pick up your PO Box mail and save you the trip. From Stead in the north to Carson City in the south, we have the ability to get your documents down the block or across the valley.